Head of Business Operations

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Head of Business Operations

As our Head of Business Operations you will work closely with the CEO, COO, and other executive team members to drive and enable growth, focusing on our most important operational and strategic problems. You will work across the organisation and may design new processes to help scale our teams, analyse which cities to launch into after London or help launch new products.

We are looking for someone who can further shape the role of Business Operations and build out a team that delivers intellect and execution capabilities throughout the business where it is needed.

Who we are

We’re an ambitious team with big plans. Our goal is to be one of the defining tech companies of our generation by using technology to rebuild the process of selling a house from the ground up.

To us it seems crazy that people’s biggest asset is also the least liquid. Our vision is to allow every UK home-owner to get a fair offer on their house in minutes.

We have previously founded GoCardless and Songkick, are already on a faster growth trajectory than both and have raised just shy of £50 million from Europe’s leading VCs and entrepreneurs.

Having done it before we know what it takes to be successful. We’re looking for exceptional people, excited by the prospect of building something that matters.

The role

As Head of the team you will be responsible for hiring and developing your team, acting as an enabler and creating leverage. We currently believe the best setup is for your team members to work autonomously on projects with the relevant executives.

On a day-to-day basis you will:

You will also work on your own projects, where you will:


We think you’ll probably:

Things which would be nice-to-haves:


Finally benefits! It wouldn't be a job description without a benefits section. We believe our values set us apart and are our biggest benefit. We take them very seriously and they’re at the core of everything we do. Beyond our values we have some other great perks to tell you about.

Salary range: £80-120k + Options. However, sometimes the perfect person is far more or less experienced than we anticipated. In these situations planned ranges go out the window. If you think that might be the case, please apply and just let us know in the application form.

Finally, if all the above sounds good then please take 2mins to familiarise yourself with our hiring process. It's pretty thorough and ensures we're confident in every hire. Please take a look at how it works here https://nested.com/hiring-process

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