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Technical Team Lead

Be part of the team building one of the defining start-ups of our generation, and using technology to fix the housing market and solve a problem affecting a large fraction of all property sales.

This is a senior role and you'll bring with you experience in engineering best practices, application security, performance, good knowledge of Ruby/Elixir or Javascript (ES6) eco-system and solid knowledge of agile techniques.

Who we are

Nested is a London based company rebuilding the process of selling your home from the ground up, by offering an advance which allows the seller to become chain free and start buying their new home before they've sold the old one. So far we've helped over 100 people secure their dream home. You can read some of their stories here.

That's just the start though. We know there's huge demand for our product, and the challenge now is to scale the company to tap into it. We can't do that without technology.

How do we work

We believe in building things properly. That means using the best tools for the job, by which we mean programming languages and frameworks such as Elixir and React, but also delivery methodologies such as continuous delivery and platforms such as Kubernetes.

More importantly, we believe in making the significant investment needed to keep our stack current and keep tech debt to an absolute minimum. (We really do use Elixir across the whole of our back end by the way.)

We also believe in continually learning from each other and from what we do, for example, through weekly learning sessions. It'd be short-sighted to stick with whatever was in our heads when we all started at Nested - to achieve what we're trying to do requires a lot more than that.

What would you be working on

Day-to-day, there are a number of projects you could be working on. Much of our development effort right now is focused on internal tooling, which we very much treat as a first class citizen: for example, we use the same product development process for the internal tools as we do for the customer facing website.

In any case, whether you're working on tools to help our operations teams provide the legendary standards of services our customers are used to (see out Trustpilot scores here), financial models to help us manage our exposure to risk, or streamlining our customer onboarding process, you'll be part of a small team and will have an immediate impact on the future of Nested.

Sounds interesting and want to hear more before applying? If so, drop Salim from our Talent Team a line. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or fill in any of the many details we can't really fit in a short job ad.

You can also find out a bit more about the technologies we use on StackShare and also our tech blog which gives you an insight in to how technology gives us superpowers.


Our interview process consists of

We promise not to ask you any brain teasers or trick questions, and we won't make you code on a whiteboard!

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